“Our Thing”… and about your ear-piercing

When you were born, I had no idea of how to take care of you. I was scared to make mistakes. You were very fragile and I constantly questioned my ability to look after you.  I was lucky my mother was around when you were born. She gave me time to heal and recover from childbirth. She allowed me to slowly adjust to my new role as a Mom in my own pace.

I had so much doubt. So many questions. It took me a year to build the confidence I need to be your mother. And up to this day, I am not always sure I am always doing the right thing. But some strong bond between us changed me forever. I have learned to trust my maternal instincts and stand by the choices that I do and don’t make for you. Not getting your ears pierced is one of them. And your Daddy agreed.

Mommy grew up with earrings. I don’t remember getting my ears pierced. I had earrings before I could speak, walk and eat. I never questioned it until I had you. I did not find a good reason to get yours pierced when you were born. If earrings would make a statement that you are a girl, so did your colorful bows and pretty little dresses. Mommy didn’t think some gold studs would make you any cuter and Daddy thought so too.

Getting ears pierced was not a cultural tradition for us. And I was not willing to make that choice for a sweet delicate little baby. So when you were 2 and half, Mommy has introduced you to Claire’s and got you some cool stick-on earrings. And guess what! Mommy showed you a bunch but you picked this pack of Hello Kitty pairs.

I vow to always pay attention to the little things that make you smile. And I am glad that going to Claire’s with Mommy makes you happy.

When you become older. I promise to take you to an ear piercing salon when you decide to get your ears pierced. I shall wait for you to ask. It will be a rite of passage and another milestone to look forward to.

In the meantime, you are going to be that little kid who have lots of fun with mommy doing “our thing” at Claire’s!

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